Friday, May 12, 2006

Where the Users Are

Ten years ago, two-thirds of the world's Internet users were Americans. Today less than a fourth are Americans.

According to a story in Wednesday's International Herald Tribune, data from market research firm ComScore show the United States still has a substantial lead in the total number of Internet users even as its share of the world total is declining. The following list ranks countries by the total number of Internet users in March 2006.

  1. United States (152.1 million)
  2. China (74.7 million)
  3. Japan (52.1 million)
  4. Germany (31.8 million)
  5. United Kingdom (30.2 million)
  6. South Korea (24.7 million)
  7. France (23.9)

Tom Friedman would no doubt argue that this bit of information shows the world is becoming ever flatter.

[Via FP Passport.]