Monday, February 17, 2014

Aid for Aid

Aid for Aid is the name of a fictional NGO at the heart of a new TV series in Kenya called The Samaritans. Here's the description on the show's website:
The Samaritans is a comedy about an NGO that does nothing. 
It is centered around the absurdities of one dysfunctional NGO. The setting for The Samaritans is the Aid for Aid Kenya field office. The main characters are the staff who have to deal with the odd demands and decisions of the head UK Aid for Aid office and hopelessly inept local bureaucrats, while trying to write as many useless reports as possible, all under the guise of 'saving' Africa.
For more, see this interview with the show's creator, Hussein Kurji. And if you've got a good NGO story (like the one about the NGO that auctioned off a rhino hunt to raise money to save rhinos), you can contribute anonymously on Aid for Aid's contact page.