Sunday, September 11, 2005

Since 9/11

It has been four years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01.
  • Osama bin Laden remains at large.
  • Al Qaeda has become an amorphous, difficult-to-track movement.
  • Afghanistan has been conquered but remains unstable.
  • Iraq has been conquered but has become unstable.
  • The United States has begun torturing prisoners.
  • FEMA has become a national embarrassment.
  • North Korea has become a nuclear-weapons states.
  • Iran has moved closer to becoming a nuclear-weapons state.
  • The United States is, arguably, less secure than it was in 2001.

Those who take comfort in the fact that the 9/11 tragedy has not been repeated should recall that Al Qaeda or its subsidiaries have attacked Madrid, London, Bali, Riyadh, Istanbul, and Casablanca since 2001.