Monday, October 02, 2006

Leaving Las Vegas

I apologize for the long gap between posts. Part--although not all--of the explanation lies in my trip to Las Vegas this past weekend for the International Studies Association-West annual meeting. It was my first trip to a regional ISA meeting and I have to say I'm sorry I waited so long.

There were a number of very good papers presented at the conference. Some of the papers are available in an online archive located here. Here are my personal recommendations:

  • Christian Enemark, "'Non-Lethal' Weapons and the Occupation of Iraq: Technology, Ethics, Law and Medicine"
  • Rebecca Glazier, "Just Intervention in Genocide: Extending the Theoretical Applications of Just War Theory"
  • John Barkdull, "From International Ethics to Global Ethics"
  • Francis Harbour, "The Just Soldier's Dilemma"

The paper I most want to read (without having heard it being presented at the conference) is one by Laura Sjoberg and Caron Gentry entitled "Mean Girls: The Theoretical Significance of Women's Violence in Global Politics."

If I can find the time, I'll try to comment further on the conference--and on my visit to the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas.