Monday, September 13, 2004

Torture in Mosul

There are new allegations of torture by Americans in Iraq. Lawyers are investigating claims that Iraqi detainees in Mosul were routinely abused and tortured. One of the prisoners, Haitham Saeed al-Mallah reported being tortured alone after which he was subjected to group torture.

"I heard nothing but screaming and suffering of detained Iraqis. The usage of cold water along with beating seemed to be a standard procedure. We were then asked to perform exhausting exercises of squatting while they were playing extremely loud (and dirty) music. Whoever fell to the ground out of exhaustion would receive painful beating and cold water. We were prevented from going to the toilets despite our pleas, which made many of us soil ourselves."

Last Thursday, in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, two Army generals investigating the situation at Abu Ghraib indicated that the number of "ghost detainees"--prisoners left off of official rosters at the request of the CIA in order to hide their presence from the Red Cross--was significantly higher than previously revealed. Perhaps as many as 100 prisoners were concealed from Red Cross inspectors in violation of the Geneva Conventions.